Below is a list of the songs contained in The Good Old Songs: Second Volume. Each line contains the Page Number, Song Title, and Tune for each. In an effort to help you easily find that certain song or tune, or remember how it goes, there is a convenient search box and the ability to click on each tune to play an MP3.

1 Come Thou, Almighty King Italian Hymn
2 A Throne of Grace Arlington
3 This Is the Day the Lord Hath Made I'll Shout and Sing
4 Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone Maitland
5 Approach, My Soul, the Mercy-Seat Peterborough
6 Hail, Sweetest, Dearest Tie That Binds Blissful Hope [Auld Lang Syne]
7 I Am a Stranger Here Below Jackson
8 Be Still, My Soul Finlandia
9 Oh, How Happy Are They Lincoln
10 When I Can Read My Title Clear Ninety-Fifth
11 Tis the Savior! Angels Raise Pleyel's Hymn
12 Out In the Cold World Jesus Has Done All Things Well
13 There Is a Fountain Fountain
14 All Hail the Power of Jesus Name Coronation
15 I Sat By My Savior My Dream
16 In Songs of Sublime Adoration Concord
17 In Thy Great Name Condescension
18 My Jesus, I Love Thee Gordon
19 Salvation! Oh, the Joyful Sound Twenty-Fouth [Primrose]
20 From All That's Mortal Adams
21 Oh, Sing to Me of Heaven! There'll Be No Sorrows There [Dunbar]
22 Come, Thou Fount Nettleton
23 Oh, May I Worthy Prove to See Adieu
24 That Dreadful Night Before His Death Coleshill [Dublin]
25 Poor and Afflicted, Lord, Are Thine Mission
26 Say Now, Ye Lovely Social Band Social Band
27 The Worth of Truth No Tongue Can Tell Social Band
28 Astonished and Distressed Carolina
29 In Heaven My Choicest Treasure Lies Zephyr
30 Great is Thy Faithfulness Faithfulness [Runyan]
31 Now Shall My Inward Joys Arise Africa
32 We Are A Garden Walled Around Stay
33 Master, O Why Do the Clouds Hang Low Bethany [Mason]
34 Oh, for a Thousand Tongues to Sing Azmon
35 Bright Morning of Glory Bright Morning of Glory
36 Come, Let Us Praise the Lord Iva
37 Twas With an Everlasting Love Windham
38 Depth of Mercy! Seymour
39 Almighty King! Hiding Place
40 Come Hither, All Ye Weary Souls Gravity
41 A Throne of Grace Liverpool
42 O, Beautiful Star of Bethlehem Beautiful Star of Bethlehem
43 Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah Oliphant
44 God Has Been My Refuge Daily Meditations
45 As With Gladness, Men of Old Dix
46 Oh, What Amazing Words of Grace Greensborough
47 Wait, My Soul, Upon the Lord Refuge [Minshall]
48 God Has Not Promised God's Promise
49 Hark the Glad Sound! the Savior Comes ABBEY
50 Lord, We Come Before Thee Now Gainesville
51 Jesus Lover of my Soul Martyn
52 Forever Blessed Be the Lord Reynolds
53 Sometimes a Light Surprises Ecstasy
54 Brethren, We Have Met Again Weeping Sinners
55 Oh, the Sweet Old Gospel Story He Will Guide Me
56 I Would See Jesus I Would See Jesus
57 As I Stand By the Side of the Mountain Let Me Stand By the Mountain
58 Hail, Ye Sighing Sons of Sorrow Sons of Sorrow
59 Who Is This That Comes From Far Bozrah
60 When Jesus for His People Died Ester
61 Jesus, Lord We Look to Thee Guide [Wells]
62 Blest Be the Tie That Binds Boylston
63 Oh, That I Knew the Secret Place Beatrice [Hill]
64 Did Christ O'er Sinners Weep Weeping Savior
65 Precious Lord, Take My Hand Precious Lord
66 Be Thou My Vision Slane
67 Jesus, Grant Us All a Blessing Invocation
68 Bliss Comes Through Sore Temptations Bound for Canaan
69 Rock of Ages, Cleft for Me Toplady [Hastings]
70 Beneath the Sacred Throne of God Martyrdom [Avon]
71 Watchman, Tell Me, Does the Morning Watchman [Dawning]
72 Let The Kingdom, Blessed Savior The Dying Californian
73 Lord, in Thy Presence Here We Meet Ashville
74 How Please and Blest Was I Amity
75 Oh, That My Lord Would Come Leaning on Jesus Breast
76 Nor Eye Hath Seen, Nor Ear Hath Heard Rees
77 Through All the World Below Solemn Thought
78 A Story Most Lovely I'll Tell Sufferings of Christ
79 God of My Life, to Thee I Call Hollis
80 Sweet the Moments, Rich in Blessing Crumly
81 Oh, for a Breeze of Heavenly Love Canaan's Land
82 Thou, My Everlasting Portion Close to Thee
83 With Thankful Heart, This Song I Sing Thankful Heart
84 My God, How Cheerful Is the Sound North Carolina
85 When Overwhelmed With Doubts Devotion [Johnson]
86 When Noah, with His Favored Few The Heavenly Port
87 Firm as the Earth Thy Promise Stands Martyrdom [Chalmers]
88 And Must This Body Die? Little Marlborough
89 The Finest Flower That Ever Was Known The Finest Flower
90 Planted in Christ, the Living Vine Markham
91 Oh, for a Heart to Praise My God Arlington
92 Lord, How Sweet Tis to See Sweet to Follow the Lord
93 Amidst Ten Thousand Dangers Webb
94 Mixtures of Joy and Sorrow Mixture
95 Soverign of Life, I Own Thy Hand Naomi
96 Oh For a Faith That Will Not Shrink (Dove of Peace) Golden Hill
97 How Sad Our State Sad State
98 O Thou Whose Tender Mercy Hears Martyrs
99 How Did My Heart Rejoice to Hear Mear
100 Help Us to Help Each Other, Lord Balermera
101 Give Me the Wings of Faith to Rise Gaines
102 Be Joyful in God, All Ye Ends of the Earth Davis
103 When for Eternal Worlds We Steer Vain World
104 Come, Ye Sinners Restoration
105 Thy Mercy, My God Amandra
106 Oh, Help Us, Lord! Each Hour of Need Redeeming Love
107 Time Is Winging Us Away Amsterdam
108 Lord, Let Me Praise Thee Adoration
109 Creation is the Work of God ABBEY
110 Kindred in Christ, for His Dear Sake Forest
111 Teach Me the Measure of My Days Suffield
112 The Exhortation of Paul Bridgewater
113 Oh, Could I Find, from Day to Day Eliza
114 When Languor and Disease Invade Parting [Whitten]
115 There is Coming a Day What a Day That Will Be
116 We Shall Meet and Sing Together In the Heavenly Morning
117 In the Rifted Rock I'm Resting Sweetly Resting
118 Once More, My Soul, the Rising Day Consolation
119 He Comes; the Savior Full of Grace Messiah
120 Cease, Ye Mourners, ease to Languish Talmar
121 Encompassed with Clouds of Distress Green Fields
122 Jesus, His Name, It Shall Be Called Spring
123 There's a Region Above Highlands of Heaven
124 When Thou, My Righteous Judge Salem's Bright King
125 You May Sing of the Beauty House of the Lord [Lane]
126 Come, We That Love the Lord Albion [Boyd]
127 O Jesus, My Savior O Jesus
128 Hark, the Herald Angels Sing Mendelssohn
129 This is My Father's World Terra Beata
130 How Sweet to Reflect on the Joys Eden of Love
131 Oh, Bliss of the Purified Oh
132 The Voice of Free Grace Scotland
133 Come, Holy Spirit, Calm My Mind The Golden Harp
134 God Be with You God Be with You
135 Blest Be the Tie That Binds The Christian's Love
136 If God is Mine Virginia
137 Low in the Grave He Lay Christ Arose
138 Hither, Ye Faithful, Haste Portuguese Hymn
139 Fairest Lord Jesus Crusader's Hymn
140 As on the Cross the Savior Hung The Converted Thief
141 My Soul, Praise the Lord Hanover
142 I with My Voice to God Orphan Girl
143 By the Poor Widow's Oil and Meal Consolation [Morning Song]
144 Come, Humble Sinner, In Whose Breast Salvation
145 Faith is the Arm The Fruit of Faith
146 This is Not My Place of Resting Rest Beyond
147 Religion is the Chief Concern Pleasant Hill
148 Oh, Worship the King Lyons
149 Oft I Hear Hope Better Farther On
150 Justification from All Sin Eureka
151 Jesus Paid it All Jesus Paid it All
152 O My Lord, I Am Thine Assurance
153 My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord Magnificat
154 My Days Are Passing Swiftly By Traveler
155 Overwhelmed With Restless Griefs Propitiation [Retreat]
156 Grace, 'Tis a Charming Sound Ninety-Third
157 How Can I, a Lowly Mortal Woodward
158 Sweet to Rejoice in Lively Hope Passing Away
159 Love is the Greatest Thing Laban
160 I Would Not Live Alway I Would Not Live Alway
161 We Speak of the Realms of the Blest Sweet By and By
162 Hallelujah, What a Savior! Man of Sorrows
163 To Thy Temple We Repair Cook
164 Here Our Heavenly Father Knows Our Father Cares
165 We're Often Like the Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
166 God of All Consolation Morning Trumpet
167 In Mercy, Lord, Remember Me Night
168 God Moves in a Mysterious Way Liverpool
169 Oh Thou, in Whose Presence Samanthra
170 He Leadeth Me He Leadeth Me
171 Awake, Awake the Sacred Song Garland
172 Come, Let Us Join Our Friends Above Promised Day
173 Jesus My Lord Was Crucified Crucifixion [Benbow]
174 Happy the Home When God is There St. Agnes
175 Hark, My Soul, It is the Lord Hark
176 Oh, Who Will Come and Go With Me? Journey Home
177 Gird Thy Loins Up, Christian Soldier Ripley
178 Dark and Thorny is the Desert Thorny Desert
179 Hail, the Blest Morn Star in the East
180 When Peace Like a River It is Well [Ville De Havre]
181 Sometimes I Feel Discouraged Hide Thou Me
182 Vain, Delusive World, Adieu Jesus Crucified
183 He's Gone, the Spotless Soul is Gone Hosanna
184 And Am I Born to Die? Idumea
185 Lord, Lead Me to the Crystal Fountain Crystal Fountain [Nowlin]
186 When Christ, Who Came My Soul to Save Florence
187 Welcome, Sweet Day of Rest Lisbon
188 I Love My Blessed Savior Carnsville
189 Oh, for a Closer Walk With God Balerma
190 Let the High Heavens Your Songs Invite Chester
191 Footsteps of Jesus Footsteps
192 The Voice of My Beloved Spake Conquering Love
193 Sweet Rivers of Redeeming Love Sweet Rivers
194 Shepherds, Rejoice Peterborough
195 How Firm a Foundation Foundation
196 And Are We Yet Alive St. Thomas
197 All You That in the Flood Lonsdale [Ain]
198 Let Me Go; My Soul is Weary Let Me Go
199 I'm Not Ashamed to Own My Lord The Glory of the Cross
200 Christ Went a Building to Prepare Not Made With Hands
201 Lo! What an Entertaining Sight Sweet Prospect
202 Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior Pass Me Not
203 Dear Refuge of My Weary Soul Woodstock
204 Assist Thy Servant, Lord Abbeville
205 Thou God of Jabez, Hear Fight On
206 Down to the Sacred Wave Aylesbury
207 Free Grace Alone Babel's Streams
208 When Shall I Reach Those Mansions Fair From the Heavenly Choir
209 Amid the Sorrows of the Way Remembers
210 Dear Savior, Let My Evening Song Newman
211 David the King Was Grieved and Moved David's Lamentation
212 Purer in Heart, O God Purer in Heart
213 Ye Nations of the Earth, Rejoice Wells
214 Come, Sound His Praise Abroad Silver Street
215 When the Storms of Life Are Raging Stand By Me
216 It is a Glorious Mystery Oh
217 How Beauteous Are Thier Feet Zion's Joy
218 Break Thou the Bread of Life Bread of Life
219 My Hope is Built on Nothing Less Solid Rock
220 Come, Saints, and Sing With Sweet Accord The Heavenly Home
221 Blest Be the Father, and His Love Brushy Creek
222 The Gospel Tells How Jesus Came Retreat
223 Father, I Stretch My Hands to Thee Balm in Gilead
224 Jesus United By Thy Grace Fellowship [The Lord of Glory]
225 Holy Spirit, Faithful Guide Faithful Guide
226 Blessed Jesus, Thee We Sing St. Louis
227 How Lost Was My Condition The Good Physician
228 Who Shall the Lord's Elect Condemn? Angel's Hymn
229 Afflictions, Though They Seem Severe Tennessee
230 Again, From Calm and Sweet Repose Balm
231 Together With These Symbols, Lord Blooming Youth
232 Why Do We Mourn Departing Friends China
233 Hark! the Jubilee is Sounding Jubilee
234 Hark! The Voice of Love and Mercy It is Finished
235 Broad is the Road That Leads to Death Windham
236 Prepare Me, Gracious God Zellville
237 Sometimes When I Think of the Cross He Died for Me
238 I Love the Quietness of the Morning Walk With God
239 Lord, at Thy Feet in Dust I Lie Burford
240 When the Lord Bids Us Walk Our Faith
241 Our Jesus Loves His Dear Elect Narrow Space
242 Ye Fleeting Charms of Earth, Farewell White
243 Jesus, Lead Me By Thy Power Still Better
244 Lord, in the Morning Thou Shalt Hear Exhortation
245 May the Grace of Christ, Our Savior Columbiana
246 Why Should We Start and Fear to Die? Prospect
247 Out on the Ocean All Boundless We Ride Homeward Bound
248 With Reverance Let the Saints Appear Harvey's Chant
249 Gently, Lord, Oh, Gently Lead Us Pleading Savior
250 Tarry With Me, O My Savior Tarry With Me
251 My God, What Silken Cords Sprague
252 Come, My Soul, and Let Us Try Ohio
253 I Would, but Cannot Sing Christian Love
254 Jesus, in Thy Transporting Name Condescension
255 Humble Souls, Who Seek Salvation Charlestown
256 Hark, 'Tis the Watchman's Cry Happy Land
257 In All My Lord's Appointed Ways Saint's Delight
258 Mercy, O Thou Son of David Restoration
259 On the Mountain's Top Appearing Zion [Hastings]
260 Salvation! O Melodious Sound Twenty-Fourth [Primrose]
261 How Lovely, How Divinely Sweet Portugal
262 Oh, for a Faith That Will Not Shrink Evan
263 Despise Me Not, My Carnal Friends Rochester
264 Come, Holy Spirit, Heavenly Dove Walk With God
265 Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross Near the cross
266 I'm But a Stranger Here Oak [Heaven is my Home)
267 My Soul, With Joy Attend Hill of Zion
268 God of My Life, Look Gently Down Crowle
269 Awake, and Sing the Song Webster
270 Behold the Throne of Grace The Gospel Pool
271 I Want a Heart to Pray New Year
272 What's This That in my Soul Mercy's Free
273 I Want to Live a Christian Here New Harmony
274 Our Praying Time Will Soon Be O'er Struggle On
275 Thy Praise, Oh God, Shall Tune the Lyre Rockingham [Mason]
276 Time! What an Empty Vapor 'Tis Fleeting Days
277 There is a Land of Pure Delight The Land of Rest
278 In Every Trying Hour Dennis [Nageli]
279 Watchman, Tell Us of the Night Watchman
280 When I was Lost Without a Savior He Paid the Price
281 Come, Holy Spirit, Come Lovely Vine
282 Do Not I Love Thee, Oh My Lord Detroit
283 Let All Our Tongues Be One Rosalie
284 Far As Thy Name Is Known Stafford
285 I Love the Sons of Grace Meditation
286 Jesus, Who Knows Full Well Southwell
287 Lead, Kindly Light Lux Benigna [Dykes]
288 The Lord of Glory Came to Earth The Lord of Glory
289 Deny My Lord? May God Forbid! London New
290 What a Friend We Have in Jesus Converse
291 When All The Mercies, O My God Tender Care
292 According to Thy Gracious Word How Sweet to Die
293 Blessed Assurance, Jesus is Mine! Blessed Assurance
294 Amazing Grace! How Sweet the Sound New Britain
295 Blessed Hope, with Her Anchor of Safety Blessed Hope
296 When We Walk with the Lord True Love
297 What Cheering Words Are These Hope
298 Good Morning, Brother Pilgrim Salutation
299 Thy People, Lord, Have Ever Found Head
300 Ye Servants of the Lord Time
301 Behold! Behold the Lamb of God! Behold the Lamb
302 Much We Talk of Jesus' Blood Our Salvation [Aberystwyth]
303 How Tedious and Tasteless the Hours De Fleury [Green Fields]
304 I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord Bealoth
305 As Thirsts the Hart for Water Brooks Baca
306 If, Lord, in Thy Fair Book Secured by Grace [Condescension]
307 We Praise Thee, Oh God Revive Us Again
308 Rise, My Soul, and Stretch The Wings Better Portion
309 God Is Love: His Mercy Brightens Sussex
310 And Let This Feeble Body Fail Hallelujah
311 Jesus, Thou Art the Sinner's Friend Pisgah
312 Once More We Come Before Our God Prayer
313 Eternal Life! How Sweet the Sound Tallis' cannon
314 Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken Jefferson
315 When We All Get to Heaven Heaven [Wilson]
316 The Church of Christ We Have Today The Bride of Christ
317 The Gospel Comes with Welcome News Durand
318 Come, we That Love the Lord Marching to Zion
319 Lord, I believe; Thy Power I Own Downs
320 Take the Name of Jesus With You Precious Name
321 There is a Place Called Heaven We Will Sing With the Angels There
322 Blessed Are the Humble Souls That See He Lives
323 Walk Beside Me, O My Savior Walk Beside Me
324 My Gracious Redeemer I Love Deliverance
325 Great is the Lord our God Newry
326 I Love my Saviour, God Idumea
327 Oh, When Shall I See Jesus Mutual Love
328 Hail, Sovereign Love Duane Street
329 Come, All Ye Chosen Saints of God Confidence
330 Oh, Love Surpassing Knowledge! Enough for me
331 Prepare a Thankful SOg No Sorrow There
332 To Him Who on the Fatal Tree Sessions
333 I Need the Prayers of Those I Love I Need the Prayers
334 I Have Found His Grace is all Complete Joy Unspeakable
335 Oh, Happy Day That Fixed my Choice Happy Day
336 Alas, and Did My Savior Bleed Victoria
337 A Child of Jehovah Atkinson
338 Father, Who in the Olive Shade Olive Shade
339 When Sorrows Encompass Me Round Idumea
340 Brethen, We Have Met to Worship Holy Manna
341 Oh, for a Shout of Sacred Joy Augusta
342 God of Love, O Hear Our Prayer Weeping Sinners
343 Constrained by Love, We Come Warren [Lane]
344 O Thou That Hearest When SInners Cry Supplication
345 And Can It Be Mysterious Love
346 In the Christian's Home in Glory Rest for the Weary
347 Soldiers of the Cross, Arise Caledonia [Bruce's address]
348 Oh, Mercy Is My Only Plea Mercy and Grace
349 The Lord Jehovah Reigns Dalston
350 Oh, Sometimes the Shadows are Deep The Rock That Is Higher Than I
351 To thy Pastures, Fair and Large Hendon
352 I Have Heard of a Land Where We'll Never Grow Old
353 Come, All Ye Mourning Pilgrims Dear Pilgrim
354 Oh, for a Glance of Heavenly Day Rockbridge
355 The Lord into His Garden Comes Nashville
356 Dear Lord Divine In Thee I Find Elizabethtown
357 Blessed Are the Saints Who Render The Blessed Service of Love
358 Nothing But the Blood Plainfield
359 Ye Little Flock, Whom Jesus Feeds Elizabethtown
360 Constrained by Their Lord Clarington
361 On the Wings of Faith Uprising Villulia
362 Lord, Dismiss Us With Thy Blessing Sicillian Hymn
363 My Heavenly Home is Bright and Fair To Die No More
364 Since Man by Sin Has Gone From God Always New
365 Children of the Heavenly King Lovest Thou Me [Divine Inquiry]
366 Thou Lovely Source of True Delight Fairfield
367 Save Me, O God; the Swelling Floods Liberty Hall
368 Jesus, We Bless Thy Father's Name Conflict
369 Hail the Day So Long Expected Babylon is Fallen
370 People of the Living God Ennius
371 I Love to See the Lord Below Hester
372 Jesus, Thou Art That Morning Star Consecration
373 There Is a Name I Love to Hear Oh
374 How Sweet, How Heavenly Is the Sight Animation
375 Abide With Me Eventide [Monk]
376 Behold, the Glories of the Lamb Song to the Lamb
377 There Is a Happy Land Happy Land
378 I Was a Wandering Sheep Lebanon
379 From Every Stormy Wind That Blows Retreat
380 Oh, Once I had a Glorious View Columbus
381 My God, My Life, My Love Laban
382 Come, Happy Souls, Approach Your God Portsmouth [Namur]
383 In Thy Cleft, O Rock of Ages Hide Thou Me
384 All the Way My Savior Leads Me All the Way
385 When the Day of Life Is Brightest Lead Thou Me
386 O Sir, We Would See Jesus Bound For Canaan
387 There Is a Holy City Holy City
388 There Is a Land, a Golden Strand In Worlds On High
389 How Sweet the Rest Cove
390 The Eye Cannot Reveal the Truth Showers
391 While Beauty and Youth Morality
392 Just as I Am Woodworth
393 A Few More Days on Earth to Spend The Christian's Hope
394 The Lord of All Above Thatcher
395 Jesus Is All I Wish or Want Hamilton
396 Thou Great Mysterious God Alone Rhode Island
397 Joy to the World Antioch
398 Thus Far the Lord Has Led Me On Hebron
399 I Am a Little Scholar I Am a Little Scholar
400 When Saint to Saint, in Days of Old Ward [Healing Balm]
401 Lamb of God, We Fall Before Thee Aberdeen
402 Hungry and Faint and Poor The Gospel Pool
403 Ye Friends of the Savior The Christian Warfare
404 Oh Christ, He Is the Fountain Webb
405 My Father's House on High Home
406 Oh, Tell Me No More Sweet Harmony
407 Hark the Glad Sound! The Savior Comes Raymond
408 Plunged in a Gulf of Dark Despair Azmon
409 Blest Jesus, When My Soaring Thoughts Bethel [Chapin]
410 Praise Ye the Lord, My Heart Shall Join Ein' Feste Burg
411 Bless, O My Soul, the Living God Gratitude
412 A Few More Years Shall Roll The Pilgrim's Song
413 My Faith Looks Up to Thee Olivet
414 I Am a Poor, Wayfaring Stranger Poor Wayfairing Stranger
415 I Need Thee Every Hour Need
416 To Thee Let My First Offerings Rise North Carolina
417 Blest Jesus, While in Mortal Flesh Sharpsburg
418 The Great Physician Now is Near Great Physician
419 The Hour of Prayer Once More Is Come Prosperity
420 Vain Are the Hopes the Sons of Men Wilson
421 Jesus Is Our Great Salvation Seraph's Harp
422 Jesus, Engrave It on My Heart Salem
423 Sweet Hour of Prayer Sweet Hour
424 Now Let Our Drooping Hearts Revive Tribulation
425 Great Spirit of Immortal Love Distress
426 Long Ere the Sun Began His Days Rockingham [Mason]
427 My Christian Friends in Bonds of Love Parting Hand
428 Thou Great Incarnate God Evening Hymn
429 I Love to Steal Awhile Away Brown [Bradbury]
430 I Have A Feeling From Inside The Bride's Mansion
431 Salvation Through Our Dying God Bethel
432 Revive Thy Work, O Lord State Street
433 Remember Jesus Gardenia
434 Religion! 'Tis a Glorious Treasure Heavenly Treasure
435 To Leave My Dear Friends Bower of Prayer
436 What Wondrous Love is This Wondrous Love
437 I Have a Cross That I Must Bear Our Blessed Jesus Cares
438 When Our Work is Ended Over the River
439 It May Not be so far Away Where Jesus Is Will Be Heaven for Me
440 Tis My Desire With God to Walk Desire for Piety
441 Oh Dear Pilgrim, Are You Troubled Counsel
442 Oh, They Tell Me of a Home The Unclouded Day
443 Jesus' Precious Name Excels Sincerity
444 No More, My God Woodworth
445 My Trials on Earth Will Cease Some Day
446 Lord of the Worlds Above Amherst
447 Down by the Waterside Forest
448 How Happy's Every Child of Grace The Child of Grace
449 Ye Christians all, on You I Call The Babe of Bethlehem
450 I Know Whom I Have Believed El Nathan
451 How Long, Dear Savior, Oh! How Long Northfield
452 Our Bondage, It Shall End Saints Bound for Heaven
453 Jesus Heals the Broken Hearted Palmetto
454 Shall We Gather at the River Hanson Place
455 It is Finished!" Sinners Hear it"
456 Jesus the Lamb of God, Hath Bled Humble Penitent
457 I'm going away some wonderful day I'm Going O'er Home
458 Now to the Power of God Supreme Going home
459 Savior, I Do Feel Thy Merit Advocates
460 Blow Ye the Trumpet, Blow Lenox
461 My Savior and My King Lloyd
462 When I Survey the Wondrous Cross Hamburg
463 Now in Thy Praise Eternal King Preservation
464 I travel on Down here Below I'm Going Home
465 The Lord Has Been so Good to Me So Good To Me
466 What's This That Steals All is well
467 Now Let Our Voices Join Sterling [Merrick]
468 My Latest Sun is Sinking Fast Angel Band
469 The Cross of Christ Inspires My Heart Columbus
470 How Charming Is the Place Hall
471 Jesus and Shall It Ever Be Corinth
472 Away, My Unbelieving Fear Wexford Carol
473 Go, Preachers and Tell it to the World Cuba
474 Though Troubles Assail The Lord Provides
475 My Span of Life Will Soon be O'er Span of life
476 Come, Christian Brethren, Ere We Part Old Hundred
477 Am I a Soldier of the Cross Christian Soldier
478 Now May the Lord Reveal His Face Judy's Song
479 Oh, Give Me, Lord, My Sins to Mourn Lord
480 Your Harps, Ye Trembling Saints Luther
481 Whene'er You Need a Friend Christ Satisfies
482 A Beggar Poor at Mercy's Door Bangor
483 To Our Redeemer's Glorious Name Redeeming Love
484 When the Storm in Its Fury It is I
485 Nearer, My God, to Thee Bethany
486 Ye Servants of God Lyons
487 Farewell, Vain World, I'm Going Home Travelling Pilgrim
488 The Friend of Sinners Pleyel's Hymn
489 O Jesus, My Savior, I know Thou Art Mine O Jesus my Savior
490 Would You Behold Works of God
491 Poor, Weak, and Worthless Though I Am Ester
492 Thy Mercy, My God Donaldson
493 When with the Savior Won't It Be Wonderful There
494 Oh, Happy Time , Long Waited For Love
495 Love Divine, All Love Excelling Love Divine
496 There Is a Stream Whose Gentle Flow Sacred Stream
497 Dear Friends, Farewell, I Do You Tell Minister's Farewell
498 Great God, Attend While Zion Sings Ballstown
499 My Shepherd WIll Supply My Need Resignation
500 The Heavens Declare Thy Glory, Lord Uxbridge
501 Zeal, According to Knowledge Pleasant Hill
502 Here in the Vineyard The Church's Desolation
503 Great God, Though From Myself Concealed Sharpsburg
504 Did Christ the Great Example Lead Cross of Christ
505 Hark! Ten Thousnad Harps and Voices Harwell
506 Brethren, Farewell, I Do You Tell Christian's Farewell
507 Songs of Praise the Angels Sang Horton
508 Holy, Holy, Holy! Nicaea
509 When My Soul is Singing I'll be satisfied
510 We read of a place that's called Heaven How Beautiful Heaven Must Be
511 I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say Kingsfold
512 On Jordan's Stormy Banks I Stand The Promised Land
513 Loud Hallelujah to the Lord Loud hallelujah
514 Come, Ye Who Know the Lord Awake
515 In Hopes of Eternal Life Lynn
516 Pilgrims and Strangers Salome
517 Lord, I Cannot Let Thee Go King of Peace
518 In the land of fadeless day No Night There
519 Twas on That Dark, That Doleful Night Kedron [Dare]
520 Come, Brethren, We Who Love the Lord Grinnell
521 There's a city of light 'mid the stars, The City of Light
522 Behold the Mount of Zion Gospel Trumpet
523 Awake, My Soul, Joyful Lays Loving-Kindness
524 Through Every Age, Eternal God Stratfield
525 The Blessed Spirit, Like the Wind Solemn Warning
526 My God, My Portion, and My Love Dunlap's Creek
527 Lo, God is Here! Liberty
528 I Know That My Redeemer Lives Shout On
529 When This Life is O'er and I'm Here No More I'll Live on Somewhere
530 Thanksgiving St. Martin's
531 How Lovely the Place Carradoc Plains
532 Oh Lord! How Vile Am I Aylesbury
533 The Souls Are Blest Antioch
534 More Love to Thee, O Christ More Love to Thee
535 Twas in the Night, When Troubles Came Boswell
536 Lord, Dids't Thou Die, but Not for Me Waverly
537 My heavenly Home is Bright and Fair I Feel Like Traveling On
538 Wonderful Jesus glorious friend Wonderful Jesus
539 Jesus, Before Thy Face I Fall Hamburg
540 Ye Objects of Sense Song of Texas
541 Glory to Thee, My God, This Night Sweet Morning
542 While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks Sherburne
543 Faith Is the Brightest Evidence Dundee
544 To Him Who Did the Salvation Bring Goodwin
545 Oh, for a faith that will not shrink True Faith - Dove of Peace
546 Where Two or Three With Sweet Accord Old Hundred
547 Lord, How Delightful 'Tis to See Sessions
548 Savior Visit Thy Plantation Return Again
549 Shout, All Ye Saints! Ascend
550 Show Pity, Lord; O Lord, Forgive Devotion [Johnson]
551 Jesus, Full of All Compassion Penitence
552 Ere I Sleep Evening Thought
553 Thy Way, Not Mine, O Lord Thomasson
554 Some glad morning when this life is o'er I'll Fly away
555 How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds Ortonville
556 Lord, at Thy Table I Behold Barby
557 Jesus, My Lord, My Shepherd, Friend Jesus my Lord
558 What Shall I Render? Eden
559 See, Gracious God, Before Thy Throne Lebanon
560 Come, Let us Join with One Accord Sabbath morning
561 Ye Pilgrims of Zion, and Chosen of God Lone Pilgrim
562 Dear Brethren I Have Found Wiley
563 All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name Whitten
564 Hear the Royal Proclomation Royal Proclomation
565 Jerusalem, My Happy Home Long-Sought Home
566 Within Thy Circling Power I Stand Akin
567 Brethren, While We Sojourn Here Bozrah
568 Farewell, Vain World, I'm Going Home How sweet to die
569 From Every Stormy Wind That Blows Mercy Seat
570 How Pleasant Thus to Dwell Below Parting Hymn
571 Behold the Savior, He Who Died Stedman
572 Go on, Ye Pilgrims While Below Mount Zion
573 Now, Lord, Inspire the Preacher's Heart Medfield
574 There is a House Not Made with Hands Jordan
575 Far From my Thoughts, Vain World Wethersfield
576 The True Messiah Now Appears Shiloah
577 My Days on Earth Are Almost Gone Phillip's Farewell
578 Come, O Thou Traveler Vernon
579 Oh, When Shall I See Jesus Religion is a Fortune
580 There Upon the Cross Redemption
581 Glory to God on High Mocksville
582 I Am Going Home Today Will You Meet Me?
583 House of Our God Zion
584 Only Through Grace, Oh, Wonderful Story! Only Through Grace