The Good Old Songs Hymnal

A Primitive Baptist Song Book

"the Cream of the Old Music"

The Second Volume

The Good Old Songs

First compiled in 1913 by Elder C.H. Cayce, The Good Old Songs has produced several volumes and revisions, with the most recent being in 2013. In Elder Cayce's own words, his desire was for The Good Old Songs to contain "the cream of the old music",  the poetry true in sentiment, and the belief that people should sing the truth, as well as preach it. With the Second Volume of The Good Old Songs, the intent is that this book be a continuation of Elder Cayce's vision of what a worthy songbook should be and to help facilitate the worship of our great Lord and Savior.

In addition to adding a variety of songs with that same "old sound" in both sound and lyric that Elder Cayce held dear, there has also been an effort to enhance the presentation of the songs in this book. All lyrics have been set to music, along with easier to read typesetting and formatting.

Profile view of The Good Old Songs: Second Volume with the background removed

About the Songs

  • All songs have been set to music
    • 54 existing songs have had music added to the poetry 
  • Page numbers for over 170 songs remain the same
  • 75 “New to the Good Old Songs” songs
  • 37 additional tunes and songs from the Sacred Harp
  • Updated Type Face, Font, and Spacing for improved legibility
  • Italicized lines for songs with multiple verses

About the Book

  • Hard-bound cover with high quality acid-free paper
    • Designed for extensive use in church services, singing schools, or home
  • Easily held open by a song leader in one hand 
  • Will stack two books deep in most standard sized church pews

For any questions about ordering The Good Old Songs: Second Volume, or any general questions, you can reach out to the Primitive Baptist Heritage Corporation via the Contact Us button below. For questions about included songs and tunes in the Second Volume, please navigate to our Songs page for a searchable list of titles, first lines, tunes, and even page numbers!